Thursday, February 10, 2011

12 Weeks - Good To Go

We made the 12 week checkup trip back to Cleveland Clinic on Monday, Feb 7. Our son, Scot, once again did the driving for us, only this time we took his pickup. That was a testament to how well healed I was -- more bouncing around than a car ride. 

The results were fabulous. He said I could do pretty much everything, although it will take a few weeks until I regain enough strength and flexibility. Specifically, he said I could increase the weight bearing on my surgical leg from 40# to 90#, over a two week period. This would involve continuing to walk with my crutches and/or 4-posted walker. Then I could switch to a cane until my 'limp was resolved'. I have opted to continue on my twice weekly therapy at the Midland Community Center -- one day in the pool and one day with land therapy. The principle of the pool therapy is to walk in water that is more and more shallow until I can put my full body weight on the surgery leg.

Dr. Muschler (whose picture is below) said I did not need to return until the one year anniversary of my surgery -- thereby skipping the six month checkup.  

This trip to and from Cleveland Clinic was completed in just over 12 hours, definitely a PR, and one that likely can never be broken. Although we waited in X-ray for almost an hour, we got right in to see Muschler. When he saw the X-ray, Muschler was convinced all was well. We had to wait about 15 minutes for Bridgette to type up the therapy order. It has been apparent to me that the staff personnel in A41 orthopedic area are much more disorganized than the place was 22 years ago when I saw Drs. Borden and Brems. 

In a related matter I met Cheryl, who is the PA for Dr. Krems. Krems took over all of Borden's patients. That raises the question: How did I draw Muschler?

We completed the day with the Piper ritual reserved for celebrations of the highest importance, namely, indulging in a marshmallow shake. 

Technically, this visit was only 11 weeks; Muschler was going to be gone next week, and he agreed to move me up (rather than back) one week. Also, my original surgery date was Feb 1, so Muschler moving me up by 3 months now looks like a real medical windfall.

This likely will be my last entry into this blog.


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