Monday, December 13, 2010

Pregnancy, Marathons and Orthopaedic Recoveries

Pregnancies, as we all know, take 9 months to reach fruition. And the process cannot be shortened to 1 month, as the joke goes, by putting 9 men and 1 woman or 9 women and 1 man on the job.

Running your first marathon takes a similar amount of time. I had a couple DNFs at the 26 mile distance before I devoted the necessary 9 months time and effort into training for the distance. I have talked with and coached other runners who have voiced similar feelings in conquering the marathon distance.

So that leads to an orthopedic surgery recovery. This is a subject on which I have abundant experience. The 'party line' on hip replacements is 1 year before you will be back to normal. My 1st hip took a little less than 9 months; the 2nd hip took a little longer. But the back fusion was a totally different matter. The bone paste used in the fusion takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months to 'set', and, like concrete, continues to harden up to 2 years later. During this first 3 to 6 months, one has fairly restrictive movements.

So this is the predicament in which I once again find myself. My left hip redo on Nov 23 will take 3 to 6 months to set because Dr. Muschler had to use bone paste to build up my hip area. During this time I must have absolutely zero weight on the left foot for 6 weeks. At this point we will make another trip to Cleveland Clinic where an X-ray will show the healing progress. I truly believe that Dr. Muschler will extend my non-weight-bearing restrictions another 6 weeks. This can be a depressing outlook. During the previous back surgery in Nov, 2008, I passed the time by writing a book about my life -- to give to my two children. What I will do this recovery period is unknown at this time. All I know for sure is that I have 9 months to do it. Any suggestions?

The photo above is from day 20. Tomorrow I expect the Steri-Strips to be completely removed (Day 22).


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  1. okay... been waiting to see anybody else comment here. They didn't so here goes....

    Get pregnant??? No??? Okay...

    Try scrapbooking your life story ... i'm sure you have loads of photos. You can do the whole thing on computer... lots of free digital scrapbooking programs available... or... ta dah! Get the CM program from your favorite Creative Memories dealer! ;-)